I have been playing, practicing, studying drum history- performing, recording and touring for over 30 years. I still wake up every morning eager to practice harder, improve my skills, become a better performer, a better teacher. The discipline involved in becoming a top level performer is universal – it requires total commitment, effort and concentration.

*Currently drumming for Gilad Atzmon (Japan), winner of the Jazz Album of The Year 2013 (Jazz Journal Critic’s Poll) & The BBC Jazz Album of the Year 2004 (Exile). *Next Gilad Atzmon Japan tour scheduled June/July 2015.

*Eric spent time (2009-2011) as the drummer for The Paul Jackson Trio (Japan) (Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters) and pianist Takako Asahina (2005-2007). Eric is currently performing with Paul Jackson

*Eric is a versatile and dynamic drum set & percussion player with many years of touring, recording and instructional experience. As a session drummer, Eric is required to play routinely in all genres

*He performs with visiting artists such as Tom Grant (Tony Williams Lifetime ), Yacine Boulares, Joe Powers, Bobby Rickets, Brian Mantz (Bobby Womak) Hakon Storm-Mathieson, Katya

*In the Kansai area, Eric works with reputable local musicians like James Barrett, Garry Lindon, Mark Elshout, Jesse Forest, Alicia Saldenha, Costi Payne, Curtis Traylor, Takumi Mura.

*In his career, Eric has performed as the opening act for numerous international artists such as Cyril Neville, Sonic Youth, Black Flag, The Bad Brains, The Butthole Surfers, Sam Hain.

*Eric has given several instructional workshops as a part of The Kansai Music Conference and on behalf of D’Addario Japan.

*Eric has won first prize in drum solo competitions- in Baltimore, MD 1989 and in Seattle, WA 1993

*Eric enjoys teaching and is a busy drum instructor in the Kansai area. On the faculty of both The Kansai Academy of Music and Trinity Mirai International School.

*Eric plays D’Addario products exclusively – Evans, Pro Mark, Puresound.

Amedia Cymbals and Vruk drum pedals.
CymSkin cymbal bags, Kickport and T n R Percussion

Eric’s drumming career spans 25 years with two U.S. tours, album releases and major venue performances- currently a Hand/Eye Records artist for the band Grey march (USA). Even though Eric is primarily a jazz and world music drummer-in 2013 Chuck Foster of The Big Takeover Magazine called Eric “…the Keith Moon of punk rock” and that the bass/drums rhythm section of Grey March was “ the tightest rhythm section in post-punk today”. Grey march released its latest album in May of 2013 and has received excellent reviews and international distribution.
Eric’s most recent project, Out of Dust- dark/free jazz original composition, is actively performing across Japan and recording regularly. Purchase album I & II on this site.

Artists I have worked with:

Paul Jackson:
(Founding member of Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters- home page)
Gilad Atzmon:
(London based jazz saxophonist/composer )
Tom Grant :
( Tony Williams Lifetime, Jazz Piano- composer. Verve Records)

Yacine Boulares (Jazz/Afro Beat- New York, NY)
Curtis Traylor (R&B Soul – Houston , TX)
Katya Rocklives Japan Tour 2013 (Los Angeles, CA)
Ryan and Kimba Griffith jazz- Melbourne AU)
Takako Asahina (World Piano Jazz original compositions – Osaka, Japan New York , NY)
Haakon Storm-Mathisen (jazz guitar- Norway)
Asaf Sirkis ( Jazz drums/composer – UK)
Karlex Antoine (World/ Afro Beat – Haiti & France)
Ricky Cosmo Francis ( Los Angeles, CA/ Osaka,JP)
Francesco Crossara (Modern Jazz Piano original compositions -Los Angeles CA
Costie Payne- Los Angeles (Rolls Royce, The Bus Boys)
Joe Powers ( Jazz Harmonica World Champion/ Tango)
Jett Edwards -Country Rock (Tokyo,Japan)
Sue Giles (Jazz vocal- New York)
Bobby Ricketts (Jazz saxophone – Denmark/USA)
Alicia Saldenha (R&B Soul- Trinidad & Tobago)
Davina Robinson (Indie Rock – Philadelphia, PA)
Brian Mantz (Jazz Trumpet – Los Angeles, CA)
Alexis Ruiz (Salsa/ World – Guatemala/ Norway)
Ross Stanley (jazz piano- UK)
Timothy Reid (UK) Fusion rock guitar
Brian and Noelline Martin (World vocal/Choral – Brisbane, AU)
Jimmy Andrade (Latin/salsa- Guatemala)
I also work with many wonderful local musicians throughout the Kansai region playing all styles of music- jazz, rock, reggae, salsa, funk, soul, R&B.
Out of Dust, The Tardy Boys
I have performed on numerous television and radio broadcasts as well as at large festivals and major venues.
Out of Dust: Songs From the Back of Your Mind Loopline Records 2015 purchase here
Grey march: Early Works 1984-87 Hand Eye Records Purchase here
BumpSkool: Centipede 2004 Independent Release
BumpSkool featuring B.Ries: 2005 Independent Release
Almighty Senators: TNRS 1988 Merkin Records PURCHASE
Alicia Saldenha: Love & Unity for Haiti 2010 PURCHASE
Grey march: Drowning Man 2013 Hand Eye Records PRE-ORDER HERE
Carnival Season: In Our Time 2013 Independent Release LISTEN
Eric is endorsed by: D’Addario Evans/ProMark/Puresound * Amedia Cymbals Japan (TMC) * Vruk Drum Master * KickPort * T n R Percussion* and supports Sol Percussion * Cymnskin *