About Streaming Media: A way to watch movies online

What do most people do today is to stay connected on the internet. They do their shopping and even banking on the web. Communicating with loved ones also became so easy with video calling and chatting. The Internet also offers services that ease the lives of people and gives a total entertainment from the comfort of their homes. One such service is the streaming of free movies online.

As compared to the older days of streaming media, watching video online was not that entertaining as today. The quality of video content was not that good and interruptions are frequent. It was recent that streaming media had its peak of success. Offers some in-depth insights on solarmovie.

What is streaming media?

Streaming media is referred to as shared media. Watching videos and listening to music online are examples of streaming media. The media is either stored in Cloud storage, media server, or to a home area network. At present, streaming media is now referred to as any video content or audio content that is shown or watched on a computer screen, mobile devices, or to home entertainment monitors. They come from online websites.

There are a number of sites that stream videos to your computer or mobile devices. They are played in real time just like flowing information from a server. The decoder of these data or information is a plug-in which is a component of a browser. These three (server, decoder, and information) must work so people can watch movies online.

How do these streaming videos work?

  • You watch videos online through your network media player or computers
  • In order for the video content to play smoothly, you need to have a fast connection. Without it, you will be experiencing pauses in watching video playback.
  • In order for you to stream videos in multiple devices, you will be needing a router so you can watch them in high definition.
  • Your internet speed will determine the quality of videos you will get from the video websites. For standard resolution videos, 2 megabits per second are needed. With high definition videos, your internet speed should have a speed of 3mbps and for live streaming, at least 25 Mbps is required in order to avoid interruptions.
  • No only internet speed guarantees how well the streamed video will be played. unto you but also the websites traffic or the number of people also watching the same videos as you. Another thing is the websites server connection. They are the factors that influence the viewing experience.
  • Media are either free or they can be availed by subscribing monthly. You will get to access these media files for as long as you are an active paying subscriber but if you do stop, the media files will no longer be available at your hand.

What is downloading videos?

Another way to watch free movies online is to download the video right from the websites that are offering free movies online.  The media file will be saved into your computer’s hard drive or home area networks media player. This is an advantage for people who cannot watch the movies at a real-time viewing but plans to watch it later time.

Stated below is how downloading is done successfully.

  • Basically, in order for you to copy the media file, you should connect first to the source.
  • Before you can watch the movies, you should wait until downloading has completed.
  • A downloaded media file is readily available anytime you want to watch it.
  • You can freely copy the file going to another device but not if they are copyright protected.
  • You can also move the storage where you saved the file but again, unless if it is not copyright protected.
  • Downloading sometimes can pose risk to your computers or devices. There are some spam sites that are able to transfer virus and malware to your computers. Hence, here are some guidelines on how you can enjoy much of streaming videos from online websites and how to download files safely without jeopardizing your computer’s security.
  • Review of some users of website offering online movies is very helpful in knowing the site’s reputation. You can also ask recommendations from your friends and colleagues which services they have tried and what sites are spammy.
  • You can also gather information from social sites where discussions are being held related to watching online free movies. From there you can get links to genuine websites that offer such services (online movies).
  • You can directly browse for your favorite movies and TV series and compare them from each site which provides great service.
  • You should have a reliable internet provider and of course a speedy connection in the first place in order for you to have a faultless viewing experience. Since viewing online movies relies on how fast your connection is, thus, it is advisable that you subscribe to a higher speed connection.
  • Thank goodness, you can now watch movies from the comfort of your home, even at the oddest hours. And it’s for free. All you need to have is a bowl of popcorn on your side.

Is watching free movies online illegal?

There many misconceptions regarding on that topic, Probably because there is no established law that regulates it and laws differ from country to country.

Streaming movies are entirely different from sharing movies without permission online. In this activity, you are absolutely not uploading or downloading any file. You are not distributing shared files in order to profit. The clear case here is that you are just viewing a video that someone has uploaded. And you did not even have any single idea about it being there. Stuff like these gives authorities a hard time who to prosecute.

The law that regulates streaming or downloading of videos is still unclear. Even if you are only streaming a video, still, your computer is making a temporary copy of the media and save it in your computer. Hence, you are at least for a moment owned an illegal copy of copyright protected file,  however, for the time being, the law does not state that as a violation.

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